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Laboratory Services

State-of-the-Art Full Service Laboratory

The Rhode Island Blood Center operates the only full-service testing laboratory of its kind in New England, including the main testing laboratory for screening of donated blood and two specialty laboratories.

The Donor Testing Laboratory performs the extensive infectious disease tests required by federal regulatory agencies -- tests that ensure the safety of our local and national blood supply. Testing is performed on all blood donations collected and distributed by the Rhode Island Blood Center, as well as many clients that require this type of testing such as hospitals with a donation center or other blood centers outside of Rhode Island, research facilities and other HCT/P collection centers. 

Our Immunohematology reference laboratory (IRL) supports both RIBC and its clients by providing antigen screened red blood cells and patient workups including state-of-the-art genotyping. The New York Blood Center HLA Laboratory in New York, NY performs testing that supports local organ transplant programs, patient and platelet HLA typing. The IRL laboratory then provides match platelets for our local hospitals.

Many hospitals and other blood collection programs prefer to send their testing to the Rhode Island Blood Center. We offer quick turnaround times and exceptional customer service. All laboratories are fully licensed and accredited.