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Professional Education

As a proud part of the New York Blood Center Enterprises, Rhode Island Blood Center shares in a common mission to train the next generation of leaders in the fields of blood banking and transfusion medicine, and values the acquisition, sharing and application of knowledge.

New York Blood Center Enterprises is proud to announce the launch of the NYBCe Education Resources Webpage! This open access webpage is your one-stop shop for educational material in blood banking and transfusion medicine. The NYBCe Education Resources Webpage provides links to many resources, covering a variety of topics. You can also access it directly at nybc.org/educationresources.

CLS/CLT Programs

  • RIBC is proud to offer the “Tech for a day” program to students of several local CLS and CLT programs. The “Tech for a day” program provides an extended tour of Rhode Island Blood Center, and includes observation and discussion in a variety of blood center departments: Main laboratory, Reference laboratory, Donor Services, Component laboratory, Hospital Services & the Distribution department. Students even receive hands-on experience of blood component preparation and discuss interactive reference laboratory case studies. For more information, contact us.
  • RIBC laboratory also provides laboratory samples to a local CLS program. These samples enrich students’ laboratory practice and contribute to their development of important laboratory skills. For more information, contact us.

AABB eCasts  

  • RIBC purchases AABB eCasts and invites hospital customers to come and participate at the blood center! AABB eCasts cover a wide variety of transfusion medicine topics. Information on upcoming AABB eCasts can be found here. For more information, contact us.

Hem/Onc & Pathology Residents

  • RIBC supports residents from local pathology and hem/onc residency programs by providing extended tours, observation and discussion in several blood center departments. For more information, contact us.

Continuing Education for Blood Bankers

  • RIBC hosts Biennial Meetings for hospital blood bankers, providing discussion of customer service issues and educational sessions. For more information, contact us.

Blood Center Tours

  • RIBC offers behind-the-scenes tours of our state-of-the art laboratory facilities to various groups, including hospital staff, community groups, high school students, and others. For more information, contact us.

Speakers at Local and National Conferences

  • Medical and technical experts from RIBC and our New York Blood Center enterprise affiliates routinely share their knowledge and experience at local and national conferences, including ASCLS, MABB and AABB meetings. For more information, contact us.

Clinical Rotations

  • Upon request, RIBC is proud to support individuals in SBB programs who are in need of a hands-on, clinical rotation. Training may include both the theory and application of donor center activities. and specialized testing in the immunohematology reference laboratory. To request a clinical rotation, contact us.

Medical Consultation

  • Staff development and consultation, including consultation on blood usage management, with some of the nation’s leading experts in transfusion medicine: Dr. Alexandra Jimenez and other New York Blood Center physicians. To request consultation, contact us.