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Double Red Cell Donations

Double Red Cell Donations 101 in 1 Minute

Why give a blood donation of just your red cells? Giving just the part of your blood patients need the most is easy, makes a world of difference, and is something you can do that truly helps people fighting for their lives right now.

Fast Facts About Red Cells:

  • carry oxygen throughout our bodies and carry carbon dioxide back to our lungs to be exhaled.

  • have a shelf life of 42 days. When you give, we get them to the patients who need them!

  • are the most frequently transfused blood product in the U.S.

When giving an automated donation of red cells, you:

  • provide two full red cell transfusions that patients need. 

  • receive your platelets and plasma back, plus some hydrating fluid.

  • can donate every 16 weeks, saving twice as many lives in fewer donations

Eligibility for Double Red Cell Donations:

  • Men donating red cells must weigh 130 pounds and be at least 5' 1"
  • Women donating red cells must weigh 150 pounds and be at least 5' 5"

16 year olds can donate with a parent's permission. Questions about eligibility? Call 401-453-8307. Spanish permission slip

Step by Step

Red cells are collected through a special device, which allows you to give just the part of your blood patients need the most. 

  1. Your donation begins with your blood being collected with a special device.
  2. The device separates your red blood cells, plasma and platelets.
  3. The blood cells that are not needed are painlessly returned to you during donation using single, safe and sterile tubing.
  4. The collection, separation, and return happen intermittently throughout the donation.

Who Needs Red Cells?

Matthew receives red cells from RI Blood Center donors each month at Hasbro Children's Hospital.